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What information to include in a Cyprus VAT invoice

Cyprus Invoice Requirements

  • 3 min read

A common question by new Cypriot companies is what information should be included in an invoice – particularly an invoice with VAT.

The EU has agreed a single set of basic EU-wide invoicing rules (Articles 217-240 of the VAT Directive). As a general rule, our advice to businesses is to follow these EU minimum requirements when issuing invoices.

Tax Residency in Cyprus

Cyprus Tax Ruling – The Definitive Guide

  • 4 min read

A tax ruling is a formal response from the Cyprus tax authorities to a tax-related question.

Essentially it is clarification of how the tax laws will be applied in the specific (future) circumstances of a taxpayer.

Cyprus company formation

Company or Self-Employed?

  • 3 min read

* This article was updated to reflect 2024 tax rules. This article is relevant for the tax year ending 31 December 2024. ADVANTAGES OF OPERATING A BUSINESS IN CYPRUS AS SELF-EMPLOYED, COMPARED TO REGISTERING A COMPANY. The two most common… Read MoreCompany or Self-Employed?