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Professional & reliable accounting services in Limassol

Hello! We are CBU, Limassol accountants who provide flexible and excellent quality services to companies of Cyprus.

Focus on growing your business, and relax while we handle everything accounting related, from start to end.

Accounting services

  • Design of computerised accounting systems
  • Outsourced bookkeeping, with reliable accountants and experienced senior reviewers
  • Automated bookkeeping by importing excel spreadsheets with data into our accounting software (for businesses with high volumes of invoices)
  • Fully managed accounting & tax service for companies – full compliance with all statutory tax requirements of a Cyprus company, including timely alerts and notifications of upcoming deadlines

Payroll & social insurance services

  • Registration/deregistration of employees with the social insurance department
  • Preparation of payroll (payslips, calculations, monthly social insurance reporting)
  • Assistance with all kinds of payroll and social insurance payments for companies and self-employed businesses
  • Registration of EU companies as employers in Cyprus

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How we can add value to your business

Accurate accounting books are mandatory by the laws of Cyprus. But more than a simple legal requirement, accurate and understandable financial information can help management take the correct choices. Management needs relevant data about the performance of a company, no matter how big or small, before every key decision for that company.

We are Limassol accountants who can provide excellent reports in plain language, beyond what is required by law, which will help you see the performance of your company differently, and improve your decision making. In addition, we are able to offer a fully managed service which covers all required reporting deadlines, so that you can focus on what matters most: the growth and management of your business.

We are always happy to discuss how we can help a company grow, so feel free to contact us.

Our competitive advantage

CBU is a team of Chartered Accountants in Cyprus with decades of accounting experience. More than that, our approach to work is one of genuine and honest support to our clients. We can guarantee absolute flexibility and good faith dealing throughout our business relationship.

We operate by building long term relationships with our clients, founded on mutual respect and reliable accounting support from our side. Our services are always tailored to an individual business’ needs, no matter the circumstances. We think of ourselves as big enough to deliver any project, but at the same time small enough to care about even the smallest needs of our clients.