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Starting a new business in Cyprus

Are you interested in starting a new business in Cyprus, but you are not sure where to begin? We can assist you in the new venture, every step of the way.

What we can do for you:

  • Compare various business structures (for example, self-employed or company) to identify the best option for you
  • Clarify the tax and other implications of starting a new business in Cyprus
  • Assist in relocating an existing business to Cyprus
  • Estimate how much the administration/accounting/audit of your new business will cost
  • Provide general advice on a range of issues faced when starting a new business in Cyprus

Through our legal partners, we can offer company incorporation & administration services, making CBU a one-stop-shop for all your new business needs:

  • Cyprus company formation (incorporation)
  • Provision of company secretary, registered office, nominee directors, and nominee shareholders services
  • Assistance with the company’s banking operations
  • Trademark registration
  • Business name registration

Tax advantages of opening a Cyprus company

  • Cyprus company formation will enable you to benefit from one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the European Union (12.5%)
  • Cyprus companies can offset profits in one year against losses in any of the previous 5 years
  • Dividends paid by a Cyprus company to its owner can be fully exempt from tax
  • One of the lowest VAT rates in the EU (19% or less)
  • Double tax treaties are in place with EU countries, Russia, USA, Canada, China, India and a long list of other countries
  • The only capital gains tax under Cyprus tax rules is on the sale of property located in Cyprus

Other advantages of Cyprus

  • As a member of the European Union, Cyprus benefits from all EU treaties and regulations, including (notably) the freedom of movement of capital
  • The business language of the island is English
  • Solid infrastructure and professional services
  • Formidable political stability
  • In the event of liquidation of a Cyprus company, exit for the shareholders is straightforward
  • Cyprus company formation is a straightforward and quick process